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Driving home the other night, truck running smooth as glass. Hit passing gear to pass a car and when I stopped at the light, I noticed it start running rough. SES flashing (see codes below) I pulled plug and wire and grounded to manifold. No spark from #8 or #6 . Spark everywhere else on all other cylinders. plugs have less than 500 miles on them, They don't look bad other than being "fuel wet" from not firing. The cylinders are from different ignition coils so I hesitate to think it is coil pack. I replaced wire for 8 and still no spark. Any ideas? Remember it was running like a freaking dream for a couple weeks until this. HELP


Recent work includes:
HeadGasket (1500 miles since replaced)
New Water pump
New Radiator
coolant flush (obviously)
New plugs
New wires (found my effing coil packs not mounted, but just sitting loose behind plenum)
oil change
exhaust manifold gaskets


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I'm very curious as to why it would only misfire on those cylinder due to lack of spark.

I'd expect to see lack of spark on numbers 1 and 5 if it were the coil packs as those are the wasted spark companions.

Similarly, you have changed the plug wires.

Very curious.

If it weren't for the lack of spark, I'd be saying the head gasket is compromised causing the misfires.

Run a compression test, let's see what those two cylinders show for compression.
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It's going back to Indy that performed the service. I am a bit nervous returning it to this indy. The work will be warranty of course, however, when I received the truck back from original service, the following happened:

1. 12 hours after getting truck back upper oil cooler fitting not "snapped" back on. causing immediate loss of 5+quarts of oil 6 miles from my house. Major clean up effort and oil change to fix this issue.
2. I asked about exhaust leak and his response was "Don't bother, it will just start leaking again in a week." (BAD exhaust leak) - see photo of what was left of the passenger exhaust gasket. The one he said, don't bother to change.
3. a week later, when receiving the "issue" I am having now. I was checking the wires and when I was checking wires in coil pack, I find the coilpacks just sitting loose on top of the block behind the plenum.

When I got the truck back, they returned it with the following codes:


They said "unless you change O2 sensors these codes will just keep coming back if cleared" That "SES lights don't turn off on their own". I did NOT change O2 sensors as MY experience (17 years ASE GM mechanic) tells me that exhaust leaks can cause O2 faults. My son and I replaced leaking exhaust manifold gaskets. Within 10 miles of driving the SES light went off (by itself) after being told that SES light cannot turn off on its own. Well it did. We drove it for 2 weeks with not one single idiot light on. The light came back when it started idling rough and #6 & 8 started misfiring. This is when I found my coil packs just flinging around on top of the block behind the plenum. The shop owner told me "Don't touch it or I can't warranty the work". I understand this, but I am not sure I want "HIM" touching my son's truck again. I am 99% confident that the head gasket is not blown, and if it is, I will just change it myself. It is not leaking or blown again as the temps are steady 198 degrees at running temperature, no smoke or steam, block is bone dry, not even oil seepage. I cleaned he block and wiped the oil and other gunk off the engine and peripherals when changing exhaust gasket. I did it so I could diagnose any new leaks. The only symptom I can say definitively is....... I took the Spark plugs with attached wires one at a time for each cylinder, set on exhaust manifold (old school firing test) and sparks from every cylinder except 6 and 8. Plugs are new, but I think I will replace just to rule plugs out as I have replaced the plug wires that were 2 weeks old. Lets just say I have not been impressed with my Indy. I think he doesn't want me touching it, because he thinks I will find other short cuts his shop took. I understand (THIS IS A SMALL TOWN) that this guy was rushing to get my son's truck done so he could go on vacation.

He says he has been in business for 15 years and has never seen a Discovery with dropped liner. He says "I don't know what the fear is, I have never seen a slipped liner" Really? Comments like this and the above findings on my kid's truck are what make me scared of this place. I literally took the truck in for blown head gasket, water pump and belt. It was running like a truck with a blown head gasket. I got it back and 2 weeks after getting it back, there is more stuff wrong.

Am I being an ASS or would anybody else be concerned about this shop?


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