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Hi All

I'm considering buying a 1999 Freelander TD 2.0 3 Door, it has 130 000km on the clock an looks in excelent condition. It has a full service history with agents, and is apparently accident free. The vehicle is being sold by Land Rover.

I'm very keen on the vehicle, but have read a lot of horror stories on the net? That this model is very problematic, e.g. over heating, oil leaks, ENGINE SEEZING, etc. Is this true for this model? Or is it just that you only hear from people when they need to complain?

I can barely afford it, and would hate to replace an engine, which costs approx. 35% of the vehicle?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated. The vehicle will also be tested by the AA if i decide to buy it. Just to confirm its accident free, and in good condition.

Thanks in advance,
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