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jcobill said:
I`m About To Purchase A Landie (td5) 1999 120000ks . Anything To Look Out For??
Please for the love of all thats holy....CHECK OUT THE TURBO!!!!! If there is alot of obvious over temping and the thing looks like a bit of a rust ball WALK away. Not cheap as it is a BMW engine.They are pretty strong but be prepared for BMW garage size invoices if anything goes wrong. If you have all the reciepts for servicing and the like it doesnt matter how many miles it has as long as its been cared for.Look for a tow hitch. If there is one TD5's are good pullers but if run too hard they rebell in the form of ring damage.££££££££!!!!! If you have the time maybe hold out for a 300TDI. If your getting a good deal....go for it. cant hurt too bad. Are you getting a defender or Disco TD5???? That does matter...Defender injection MUCH better than the Disco. Two different systems.Good Luck! :wave:

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thanks for the advice .

just had a vehicle checked by the RAC , couple of points i am concerned about and would appreciate feedback.

oil leaks are evident from transfer case lower section and rear main seal of engine area.

there is vibration from engine area at mid revs in all gears , (possible mounting)??

there is a dry grinding noise from lower steering column area when turning from lock to lock. lower column bush.??

the car is advertised at 26000$ (11000 pounds). td5 defender has done 120000 ks.

what do you reckon
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