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$2,000 cooling system overhaul. Still over heats!

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HI guys! Need to get some advice on next step. 2003 Disco 2. 125k Ive had this vehicle for 1 year. Just had these items replaced and coolant is still not circulating properly. Im still getting overflow in expansion tank and over heating temps. There are no coolant leaks. Im not loosing fluid unless I let it build up to release from expansion tank.

Items replaced:

Head Gasket
Heater core
water pump
expansion tank

The tech that did the job is a tech at Land Rover and did it on the side. Since there was trash in the old radiator, he thinks that the block is possibly clogged with trash or there is a crack in the block.

I just got the vehicle home and have been running it to operating temp just before over heat and cutting the engine and cooling back off, in hopes the pressure will eventually push the trash through the system to allow circulation. No luck yet.

Any other suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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That heat cycle idea isn't going to fix the cracked block or liner that has slipped you unfortunately need a motor.
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