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2-clicks to lock driver door?

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I just purchased a LR3 SE with 107K on it. When I hit the lock button on the remote, the front door won't lock the first click, but will lock if I press it a second time.

The alarm is activated with the first click. If I open the door the alarm sounds/car starts honking. It is not until the second click that it actually locks?

Second problem is the drivers seat. It does not heat up when I press the button - 1 or two lights. I saw other threads on this and checked engine compartment fuses. Will check the others, then beneath console and finally replace element in the seat if necessary.
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My '05 has the same locking "Feature". Not sure if that can be changed or what the logic is behind it.

Your headed in the right direction on trouble shooting the seat heater.
thanks Belew, comforting to know about this '05 feature is available for at least few lucky owners:)
Odd that you have this 'feature' when locking the vehicle rather than unlocking... Have you tried activating/deactivating 'Single Point Entry' in case that helps?

Press and hold both the unlock and lock buttons on your key simultaneously for 3 seconds.

Worth a try if you haven't :dunno:
Thanks V8burble. I did try that. Unfortunately that did not fix it. My guess is the mechanism in the door is only moving the latch so far, then the second push/ pull from the motor gets it fully latched. There is also some lock option in the info display preferences I will have to check into.
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