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I am very anxious to lift my 2001 DII. What is the most economical, but still good way to do this. What kits are the best for the buck. I also wanted to know if 31" BFG All Terrains will fit on my stock wheels. And does the truck drive the same on road after a lift is installed, i do not want to change the ride too much. and is the speedometer affected by the larger tires. Any info would be appreciated. I am new to the Modification world and i need all the help i can get!!!

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yes,yes,yes,yes :)

31s will fit on your rims, go with like 255/75/16s [i think thats 31] .. 255/70/16 will fit w/o a lift and flex fine.

most economical way would probably be to just use spacers.. but that'll be just for show, and not help you at all offroading.. the next thing to look at is getting new springs and shocks.. pick up a pair of old man emu medium or heavy dutys to get the 2" lift.. that'll run you about $600 total.

You speedometer may be a little bit off.. for some odd reason though, i'm running 32" tires and mine isnt off.. dont know why.

I prefer the way the truck drives now with a 3" lift as to how it rode w/o it.. someone once said before "these trucks were made for a 2" lift"
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