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Hi all!

Fellow LR junkie here. I have 2 different Series IIAs for sale up here in Vermont. One is my in town driver here in stowe. Has 46k original miles, 11k in receipts from last year from Rovers North and T. Coglenton Rovers for service, galv chassis etc. asking around 9k

I also have one ready for restoration with a new motor, galv chassis etc that another enthusiast got sidetracked on. Its really sweet. Asking around 7500. Otherwise might just part it out. Engine worth 3-4k alone and same with Chassis.

I have them both posted on craigslist and both are in Burlington VT area for viewing. I hate selling but by disco needs about 4k in upgrades and I have a 1995 Range Rover Classic LWB County that is awaiting the new 4.6L motor and transmission, a nice 10k investment. With a 6 month old kiddo and 2 under 10 that one needs to take the priority. The one i was holding to restore is killing me to let go, but hey, what can you do...

If you googles series IIA in vermont craigslist there are pictures there as well.

Best to all,

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