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Hey guys! you can bet im here cause ive got a rover!
Traded it for my 91 lexus es250 (137K) for this 2000 Disco II with (167K)
Came with a misfire, 3 amigos,
P1590 : rough road signal / implausible drive cycle A: Signal Implausible
P0500 : Vehicle Speed Sensor A
P0440: Evaporative emission system (gas cap?)
P1171: System too lean bank a + b (brake booster air leak/no stopping power)
P1174: Lambada Control adaption bank 2. last occurrence - maximum signal (booster)

So I've checked for voltage at the driver window regulator while hitting the switch. Just hear passenger relay clicks and get no voltage. I've tested the regulator which works, and have also checked the fuses under the steering wheel.
Rear windows and both sunroofs work excellent.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!
my window is just wedged up and anyone can just hop right in. its a little unsettling so id love to fix this pronto.
Thank for the support guys!
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