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I have a spare discovery 2 that I bought that had blown head gaskets. I had a good used motor from a diesel conversion project discovery 2. So I put the good motor in, and now I'm getting no start conditions. Both the vehicle with the blown head gasket and the donor vehicle ran at the time of the swap. The motor originally started up but was running super rough.

Things I have done:
Replaced the cps with a spare that was good. Yes the spacers are on the correct side.
Changed the plug wires. Old ones were super crusty and cracked. Yes the firing order is confirmed.
Threw in a spare good fuel pump. I could not hear the fuel pump priming with the old pump.
I've checked the relays/fused related to ignition.
Checked spark while cranking with a touch spark sensor- no spark. the tester worked great on a jump vehicle.

I have a pretty good amount of experience with the rovers and their engines/electrics. I have a 2002 disco 2 that I rebuilt the engine on and have built to be an off roader. I've swapped the engines before. This one is stumping me.
I've searched all over for solutions before posting for help.

The only things I have some curiosities about are:
Is there any way to get a flywheel off in timing? I can't remember if I pulled the flywheel for this one. (Did the swap a little while ago. My son was diagnosed with leukemia and I've had more important things on my plate.)
Can the cam sensor going bad cause this? I was under the impression that it will still run, albeit poorly, the the cam sensor disconnected.
It's just strange that it had started and ran. But I had to keep the throttle on.

Micah Ellis
Lucerne valley
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