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Hello all!

As the title states, I'm working on a 2000 Range Rover SE and all the brakes are locked down after bleeding.

Started off by replacing the module with a used unit that was in working order. I soon discovered that the ABS pump was not working. Probed the connector and was getting voltage, but the pump wasn't kicking on. Then I applied power directly to the pump and still nothing. So bad pump was suspect.

Got new pump in and used the Land Rover bleeding procedure (such torture) and all was well. The pump came on and made noise, also built pressure with no leaks. Went for a short drive and all four calipers locked down! Was able to limp it back to garage.

After the brakes cooled, I was able to crack the bleeder screws open and calipers released. Ruling out bad calipers. I did research and came across the suggestion that module maybe bad when people experience calipers opposite of each other locking down, but this wasn't the case. After 3 attempts of the Land Rover bleeding procedure, still the same result. So I swapped the old ABS module back in and same issue.

The only odd thing I noticed is when I crack the master cylinder bleed screw, the lower one, not the front or rear, no fluid comes out. But, if I attach a power bleeder to it and just get some pressure going, fluid starts to come out. As soon as there is no more air, I close the bleeder screw and continue the bleeding process. ABS on, off, key on, off, pedal 2/3 way etc. etc. I follow the procedure step by step to no avail.

The brakes feel great initially and then everything locks down. I'm mechanically inclined, I'm just out of ideas. Is there something I am missing? Local indy shop was even surprised that I was getting such a odd result after following everything precisely. Hope to hear suggestions soon!
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