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So my friend has a Discovery 2 which wouldn't turn over. I offered to check it out.

When I got there, it would turn over and start just fine, but wouldn't shift out of Park.

Went back the next day; pulled and checked all of the fuses in the cabin, starts, then it will shift out of park just fine. However, it will shift out of park whether you cover the brake or not.

And here's what else won't work: turn signals, front electric windows (but rear work), rear wiper, front and rear fog lights, gas cap door release, hazard lights. I think that's it.

Then I shut it down pulled the key, then tried starting again. I go to the 'accessory' position, the cabin fan starts up, turn key, and cabin fan shuts off (as does anything else that may have been operating on electric). Try key several more times, same thing, turn key, no noise no nothing no action. No relay clicking or anything. And the shifter will still go anywhere you want it at any time.

I pull the key and pack things up and it seems the marker on the shifter is lit up on 'park' when I leave (is that supposed to be that way? It isn't on my '03).

Any thoughts? Check the grounds is probably my next step (the car lives on an island and corrosion/rust is an issue, it sure hasn't missed this car so...). Thoughts on if this is an ECU issue or something? Any commonality between those things that don't work?

I should add: it showed code P1668 but the check engine light was not staying on.

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Or possible failed fuse block, when they get wet of over heated they can cause the craziest things to happen.i
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