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Hope someone can make some sense.

Horn stopped working for no reason.

1. Checked the Buttons they are ok
2. Checked 10A fuse - OK
3. Relay bases there is power

This is where it gets strange

4. Took the Horns out connected with Battery directly individually - does not work. Does not look like in need to Ground this.
5. There is no power at the connector

I can understand either #4 or #5 not working.

I found this post - but the pin numbers on Relay are #1 through #5 not pins 30 and 87 on the relay base the post says

Horn not working

Any help will be appreciated


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A couple things that may help you.
-Yes the horns need to be grounded to operate
- can you hear the relay click? If yes you now know that the switches are grounding the relay and your problem is not on the control end of the circuit ( grounding through the switches, ground supplied to the switches and circuit ground through the harness wiring to the relay). Problem is likely a bad relay or bad horns.
if no clicking , you can check that you have power on 2 of the panel connectors to the relay, you should also have ground when the horn but to is pushed on another terminal. If all of these check out o.k. Momentarily feed fused power to the other terminal the horns should sound.
If any of these are missing, that is the branch of the circuit you need to isolate the fault in and correct

sorry you will need to look at a wiring diagram to sort out which is which

Hope this is help and does not confuse things more
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