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2001 Disco sways Left to Right when braking

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When braking on the first pump of the brake the Disco pulls hard to the right and then back to the left or vice versa. I had this problem before I got new rotors and pads. I got new rotors and pads, but it still does the same thing. Is this a brake problem or is it a problem with my tires and alignment? Any advice would be appreciated for this new LandRover owner.
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This could be a number of things but let's start with the really easy stuff first.
When you did the brakes did you bleed out the entire system with new fluid at all for wheels? and When was the last time you had a full 4 wheel alignment done?
Are they wearing funny... like the inside is worn out and the outside has plenty of tread left? Do your tires make a wierd sounds?
I got your PM but I got distracted the other day and forgot to respond... ;)

Anyway I would have the front end checked out. It could be a few different things and I just could give you good advise without looking at it. However I would start with alingment because if they both worn out mostly the same then I would say Alingment first, then start looking at the rest of the front end. Its that the chances of both shocks blowing out at the exact same time is possible but not as likely as one might think... but if you've been driving on it like that for a while (with one bad and the other not so much, the other one will start to wear out even faster due to the balance being way off)
But I would get 2 new tires for the front and have the rear's remounted and rebalanced to make sure they are true. Then have a 4-wheel alingment done for a shop that really know what's going under there.
While your at the tire shop have them just look at the bushings, the tierods, ball joints and so on.

I'm not a LR expert but a car is a car.
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1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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