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2001 RR SE battery dead and will not unlock

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My battery is dead and will not unlock. The key works in the ignition anytime ive driven it but for some reason will not work on the lock on the door. Im sure electrical problems triggered it but I need to get into the vehicle in order to resolve the issue. I hear there are ways to get into it from the rear of the vehicle. Im guessing something to do with the tailgate. I rather not cause any damage to the door. Anyone who can help me get into me SUV please respond, Thanks
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Have you tried your EKA code? If you have and nothing's happening, then the connecting rod has come adrift in all possibility, and that's a bummer.
You have to pull the front door frame out slightly and get a wire coat hanger on the thumb lock. If you can lift that, you're in unless you've super locked it.

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