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2001 RR SE battery dead and will not unlock

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My battery is dead and will not unlock. The key works in the ignition anytime ive driven it but for some reason will not work on the lock on the door. Im sure electrical problems triggered it but I need to get into the vehicle in order to resolve the issue. I hear there are ways to get into it from the rear of the vehicle. Im guessing something to do with the tailgate. I rather not cause any damage to the door. Anyone who can help me get into me SUV please respond, Thanks
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When I purchased the car I never received an EKA code. We were able to get into the passenger side so we are in the car. We disabled the alarm so we can work on the car and it not go off. When we try to start the RR it says engine disabled use key to unlock but it's not responding to the key fob. The key will not turn in the driver door either. When I hooked the scanner to it the codes I received were...
P0734 gear 4 ratio incorrectand
P1667 aux input and aux output manf control
The first code cleared however the p1667 code will not clear and always shows as code still remains even after I just erased all codes. I think the car might be superlocked so any advice on how to undo that? Also the actuator in the driver's door is broken. We just figured out. We're kind of stuck at this point. The good news is at least it's in the driveway lol
Correction. As I was posting this we took advantage of the Windows being able to go down and got the driver's door to open. That still leaves the issue of getting it out of super lock
It turns out when we get the door panel off and removed the key lock rod we were able to use the 1515 code to manually manipulate the actuator. 1bk 5fwd 1bk 5fwd. We resynched the key fob by holding the fob next to it by pressing the lock and unlock. When in unlock it recognizes the vehicle is open an the car will start. The engine is no longer disabled and super lock is overridden. For anyone else with this problem tis is a better way of getting around this problem and be able to replace problem parts without having to break and buy more replacement pts in the process
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