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It took 3 months of down time but I finally managed to replace all of my suspension bushings with a complete urethane kit sourced from Flo-Flex UK.

My truck had vague handling and various suspension noises so I replaced all the bushings, ball joints, & track rod/drag link combo in one go. The pieces I took off were in rough shape.

The Flo-Flex kit was 100% complete, and even after factoring in exchange rates and shipping/customs it was considerably cheaper than new OEM parts. It even included the watts linkage bearings - this was a huge selling point as these parts alone run about $300 shipped for OEM. My full kit came to about $440 shipped.

(12) Radius Arm Bushings
(8) Shock Bushings
(4) Sway Bar Bushings
(2) Panhard Bushings
(2) Outer Watts Bushings
(3) Inner Watts Bearing Bushings

The quality was excellent and the fitment of the parts was perfect. I was really impressed. The urethane compound was harder than stock, but not overly hard like in performance bushings. They did firm up the ride a bit but they still do a good job of allowing flex and absorbing road bumps.

Installed pics:

Even my much-maligned DIY adjustable panhard is in. And still holding strong, despite some pretty serious abuse last weekend.

The end result is a VASTLY improved ride. Steering is tight, no more wandering or rattles over bumps, and the ride quality is not compromised. I'm stunned it all came out so well. Coupled with my rebuild master cylinder and new SS brake lines, the car drives, stops, and steers better than it ever has since I've owned it. I love my car again.

I've been against urethane before, but after first-hand experience I can really recommend them to anyone looking to replace torn or worn out bushings. A 5000lb truck and a decade of wear-and tear can do a number on OEM rubber, so if you want to get some of that "new car" feel back, I think this is the way to go.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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