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Hello All, I'm new to the site hope some one can help. My Disco 2 every once in awhile will idle rough. No lights or codes and if I rev the engine it clears up. Truck has 105k and runs like champ except for the idle issue. I've had the vichele for a few months, any ideas?

Thanks is advance!
New spark plugs, wires and upper intake gasket for when you pull the upper intake plenum to properly complete the task. Replace the valve cover gaskets at the same time that you do all of this. It is important that you torque the VC bolts in a 2-stage sequence per specs. There is a DIY video for this whole job on the Atlantic-British website.

Most likely you have a bad spark-plug wire. That was my problem; had symptoms similar to yours which quickly progressed to stumbling under load such as climbing hills in 3rd gear trying to change to 4th. Never had a fault code in my case.

You could also have a vaccum leak, fouled throttle body or MAF sensor. If you are not aware, the D2 temp gauge is not accurate by any means and coolant temps will get up to 240 F before the indicator begins to move. You should be using an aftermarket gauge of some sort and operating temps around 200 F. Anything over that and it's time to start replacing/upgrading coolant components. you can use smoke or combustible-type solvents to check for vaccum leaks around the intake and plastic lines.
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