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I just came across a great deal for a 2003 Land Rover Discovery Series II SE with the VIN SALTY164X3A808269 I did some research and I see that it's within the oil pump vin problem range. It has 89,000 miles. Should I stay away?

I had a 2001 Disco II that I loved! had it for 6 years and the usual problems, head gasket, three amigos, ace problems and a few phone calls to Disco

Call me a glutton for But I miss my Disco, and I want to get back into one, I'm a little older, a little more money, a little more knowledgeable, I little smarter to take care of it. Should I look at the 2004 and stay away form the 2003?

Thanks all!

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Maybe consider a LR3? The guys that have them sure seem happy with them
But yes be wise and stay away from the 2003
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