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Progress and problems 2003 4.4 timing chain cover

Rinderhagen Auto Service
Kenneth Rinderhagen
3600 W Florida Ave 606-83
Hemet CA 92545
[email protected]
(951) 282 1606

Hello I am trying to locate a flange that goes on the front of the crankshaft that the harmonic balance bolts to

2003 Range Rover HSE
Engine 4.4

1995 and 1996 BMW have the same 4.4 engine with a few differences however the crankshaft flange that the harmonic balance bolts to is the same fortunately it was available at the Pick a Part

however the 4.4 timing chain cover is not so easy to remove i could not get a grip on it to pull it out from between the heads and oil pan

i do believe i out my foot in my mouth thinking i could change the timing chain cover gasket

Open for suggestions
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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