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First $400 via Paypal gets it. No BS about paying me next month or next payday please - I got stuck with a time waster before, and not going there again. Price Includes shipping.
I pulled it from an 04 but never fitted it. Now selling my D2 so won't be needing this.
I will take a pic if needed, but it looks like every other 04 CDL linkage, but with the correct knob and badge/label/thing. Also has the trans tunnel plate, so that you can fit everything from the top, which makes it a lot easier!

Note - The consol has been cut approx 1" around the badge/label/thing; it's up to you to remove the badge from the remains of the consol and apply it to your own consol.

First to pm me has first dibs, but if you don't respond in a timely manner after that, in I'll offer it to the next in line.
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