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120,000 miles well maintained, Normal wear and tear, no dents or dings. Very cold A/C. Bought this to take the dogs to the beach, and it was awesome. I started a new job and I will be driving over 100 miles a day, and I need something that gets better gas mileage. Dont want to get rid of it, but I need to. Will consider trades for a vehicle that can haul 2, 80 lb dogs, and gets 20 plus mpg's.

Problems that I know of.

Intermittent 3 Amigo's
Check engine light, had it checked it was emissions, so I did not bother with it.
Right horn button came off, still haven't fixed it
It has a crack in the front windshield " can be fixed with insurance, if price is right". It did just passed VA state inspection.
Both front and rear bumpers have cracks " Little pieces missing".

Please PM me with any Questions or for more pics.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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