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2004 Discover II $4,000 [PA]

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2004 Disco with 106k approx miles. This truck has an oil pressure light come on sometimes during HOT IDLE. In state college, PA (PSU area)

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Hot idle oil pressure reads 7psi (should be 10+) all other pressures are fine. Cold idle, cold load, and hot load all read within spec.

I am selling cheap because i want someone who is aware of the issue to get the truck knowing there is some work that should be done. Cash offers will be considered.

The shop i took it to said it might be fine at 7psi but i didnt want to risk seizing the motor.

I love this truck and hate to see it go. Here is some info.

- Westminster grey special edition
-2004 model with the larger roof bars and the center diff lock
- cold weather package including heated seats and front windshield
- no accidents. However there is a couple of door dings
- no tears, all leather looks like new.
- cargo bins in the back (no jump seats)

Things i have had replaced since i bought it
- front drive shaft (tom woods)
- suspension (RTE 2" suspension lift with HD bilsteins)
- tires 32" bridgestone ATs these are basically brand new, including the spare
- head gasket done at around 95k
- timing chain and oil pump replaced a few weeks ago. Did not fix oil pressure at hot idle
- alternator, water pump, thermostat all replaced at some point

- Hot idle oil pressure
- headliner starting to sag
-dash lifting due to sun
-cd changer does not work
- there are some blemishes in the paint in a couple spots (pictured) looks like someone got a peice of gravel in their buffer or something. might wax and buff out

any questions please let me know.

you can reach me at redialed (at googles email)
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price drop 3k. If i cant get near that i guess i will auction her :(
still available. I was using mobile 1 10-40 i believe for most of its life but at some point i might think i gave some high mileage type oil a try

During my ownership oil changed every 3k
Sent to ebay, i will still accept 3k cash in hand if the truck is picked up before the auction close

Land Rover Discovery SE | eBay
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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