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That is the oil return line connection for 99-02 disco's like mine that have an air cooled oil radiator. As seen here:

Your 2004 does not have that air cooler and thus you just have a plug in this hole. One of these if you want to buy a replacement: BLANKING PLUG FRONT COVER 4.0/4.6 V-8, RNS576, LGY100080 - Rovers North - Classic Land Rover Parts

If you can find a plug locally the specs are: 3/4" thread count 16

However, the easiest fix is to simply remove the plug and put some teflon tape on it, re-install. Bye bye leak. Of course, that's if you are 100% certain that is the source of your leak. Did you try to just tighten it up??
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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