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2004 HSE overheating. help!!!

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I have an 04 HSE that seems to just keep overheating! Its so far had waterpump done, thermostat replaced, valves checked , overflow tank cap replaced , and Dealer has checked all fans and systems seem fine at idle and gets up to temp fine but as soon as its driven temp overheard:( Engine works great with no rough or erratic behaviors

Please email me with any ideas with this .. [email protected]

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in the same situation here.
how did you solve it
sorry to highjack this post but did not want to start another and seems like we are having the same issues

since i have had the D2 i had a scangauge II hooked up and always kept an eye on the temp. last 2.5 years it was running at 197 steady and would go up to 202-206 on really hot days or uphill.

my mech had been suggesting a new radiator to prevent any problems down the road. he also recommend having it flushed every year to keep it working at 100%.
last week i decided to have it done, new radiator, new t-stat, new temp sensor, after i picked it up i headed to Boston (4hrs drive) and it was running anywhere between 215-230, had to run the heat at ful blast and all windows open to keep it below 210.

went back to the mech today, changed the temp sensor, did a leak test and all the cylinders are fine. the fans are working, the pressure on the hoses seem good. also found out that my mech had drilled 4 holes in the new t-stat to keep the coolant flowing at all time. no loos of coolant since last weekend, and try to bleed it myself but found no air in the system. engine purrs like a kitten lol

coming back home today, it shot up to 239 max, 230 steady with the AC on and 216-220 with the AC off. 211 with heat at full blast. 207 at idle.

i am pissed bc it cost me almost 1k to F&^%up what seemed to be working fine. obviously it was working fine before, unless the old temp sensor was off.

whats with the wholes in T-stat, i know everyone recommends that, but when i changed the t-stat myself, 2 years ago, i did not alter it in any way, and i thought it was working fine. could that throw things off?

also do temp sensors go bad overtime? maybe my old temp sensor was showing lower temp then it actually was?

anyone can help out?
thank you
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