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Like the title says:
Disco G4 in good condition. maintenance performed since 2012:
-no accidents. air suspension in good shape thus far.
-decent tires
-power steering pump and all lines changed. fresh fluid.
-coolant flush and thermostat change.
-front driveshaft swap for rebuilt unit.
-steel braided brake lines. (stock length)
-magneflow muffler and tip.
-no check engine lights, no 3 amigos.
-d1 wiper arm swap--have original
-taken care of, but no trailer queen, used for its built purpose.
-brake pads at all 4 corners

Im sure I've missed something, but basically money spent has been stock replacements.
I absolutely love this vehicle. everything about it. changes have to be made for the better good.
I deal with local, or local area only. verified payment i.e.: cash, cashiers check or a talk with my bank in person. no scams, no uncles in another country, no freakin paypal bs.

This is a great vehicle with very little needed to make an off road beast. i want this thing to go to someone that is just as enthusiastic about it as me. Don't contact me if your half interested. Contact me if your ready to buy, ready to talk on the phone and face to face. ill put it on jacks so you can see everything. No Bs here. I'm a hands on, experienced wrench turner. Text me and we will set up a time, i would rather meet with you, have a drink and shoot the sh*t then sell, rather than make a quick buck. Thanks for your time.

text or call: 224-730-4564
email: [email protected]

On a side note: i got scammed a year back by lrx360 or 360lrx whatever the F they were called. I have a post when i was a little over optimistic about this supposed company. I was taken advantage of and thankfully got my money back. Definitely got flamed for being part of the scam, when all i was trying to do was get supposed parts for my baby. Meet me face to face or call and i will tell you all about it. Im no scam artist. I'm too honest for my own good. Would rather show you the whole vehicle in person and have a chat than do you wrong. If your going flame me, call me and do it over the phone like a man and then we can have a discussion. Other than that you would be buying from a veteran who's wife said that its time for the rover to go.
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