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2004 LT230 Transfer Case - Re-Seal Kit

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I was hoping to get some tips, advice, pics or step-by-step on doing the reseal gasket kit for 2004 Disco Transfer Case CDL. I bought a used t-case, linkage and shifter, and figured since it's on the bench right now, I should buy the gasket/seal kit from one of the online vendors and re-seal/gasket the thing before installing it in my 03' Disco.

I downloaded the LT230 RAVE but, I'm not sure how straight forward this will be. This would be a first on a transfer case for me. Also, any advice on whether to keep or sell the MY2003 non-locking t-case?

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Is it actually leaking, if so from where. Realize you can hardly ever keep them from seeping and as the old saying goes, if it ain't broke don't fix it.
It doesn't appear to be leaking. However, it's pretty much full of grime and dirt; once I clean it up this weekend I'll be able to better assess the seals. I just figured to be proactive it would be a good idea to change the gaskets and two output flanges since I'll put Redline 75W90 in it and synthetic seems to penetrate joints more than mineral base gear oils.
It has 89K on it and came off a rolled over 04'. doesn't look like it was ever shifted out of 4 Hi since the vehicle had road touring tires and the underside was really clean.
Use an 85/140 for all Disco drive train diffs and t/case, you will get a lot better wear protection.
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