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I've been told my engine is shot. The diagnosis is knocking at 2200 RPM and the suspicion is crank rod bearing is broken. What brought it to the shop: vehicle was having trouble maintaining constant speed on interstate - would briefly miss and then briefly surge. Began to run rough and TC, Descent control lights came on, Manual and Sport lights blinked. Got it off highway where it stalled, but restarted. All lights off on restart. Codes: P0327; P0430; P0123. Knock sensor wired wrong; intake wiring harness melted. Runs, no lights on at present

Second opinion?

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if its knocking at 2000rpm has all of those misfire codes and cannot maintain speed - most likely is collapsed catylytic converter or serious intake problem. Rod bearings knock all of the time not just at high revs and at idle your oil pressure light would be flickering on and off and the speed would be unaffected until you put a rod through the engine block!
the codes are for a bad knock sensor or a knock sensor that is getting a lot of knock, a bad catalytic converter code and a bad throttle position sensor code.
Remember that knock means that you are getting incorrect detonation of the fuel mixture inside the engine - its doesnt mean something is physically knocking in the traditional sense - knock is also referred to a pinging when the detonation goes the other way.
if the intake harness is partially melted means that it got hot underhood which would probably indicate you were dumping a ton of fuel into the cats which will glow cherry red trying to burn off the excess fuel.
replace the harness (or rewire the melted bits) and check for major intake and fueling problem - for the testing watch the cats dont get too hot or preferably remove them just for testing.
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