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2004 se7

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It's time to part ways with my SE7. Runs and drives smooth. 2004 was a great year and this truck is a great example with relatively low mileage.


2 sets - 1 set of 4, P38 stock 16" with BF Goodrich Commercial T/A 245/70 and 1 set of 5, Original 18" SE7 wheels. The original spare is still mounted to tailgate

TerraFirma heavy duty 2" lift and dampener

The propshaft is rebuilt original with resealable u joints
Remarkably dry and clean truck, minor surface corrosion underneath; it was recently looked over by the 4x4 center and they were impressed.

call/text: 802-Nine1Seven-3six0three

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A price would probably help your sale

Asking price: $6750
New Asking Price


Why no interest?
I tried to sell my 04 with 110k or so had a TF 3" lift, almost new duratracs, rebuilt shaft, good shape and I was asking interest at all, dropped to 5k still nothing....finally sold for 4500 on CL to someone who apprecaited it. So when I see your truck I feel it is totally fair price but there is no market. When I see these 10k trucks I laugh.
anyone who knows anything about these trucks is afraid of engine failure with a big $ repair necessary. and if they don't know, they're afraid of what they don't know along with their reputation for unreliability and costly repairs.. plus if you don't do the work yourself, and you don't have access to an indy LR mechanic, you're at the mercy of the stealerships or shops that don't know what they're doing..
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