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Lady 2005 Range Rover lover with a Supercharged 4.2 V8 (versivius orange)

I am looking to get my engine rebuilt love the car so much and I know it's going to cost a fair bit but I love the car and never intended to get rid of it she has done 150k miles and now the head gasket has gone, I do not want to go down the route of a new reconditioned engine as I do not know what I will be getting but have been advised about getting it rebuilt , the cost will far outweigh the value of the car (which I know) she is unique due to her colour - and am not In a position to upgrade to a new 4x4 (even if I wanted to) so will want to get this one rebuilt ... Can anyone recommend a good car specialist who can rebuild her engine who is honest, reliable and top notch and fairly priced for this large job... (LONDON Uk bAsed) I would really appreciate any recommends.

Regards. Chezzer

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