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2006 LR3 HSE, Rare HD Package, Fully Loaded from Factory & Modified - Clean

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Location: South Florida, USA

Short Description: Zambezi Silver and Alpaca Beige, 2006 LR3 HSE with 123,000 miles, 3rd Row Seats, with expensive and trail/expedition mods, includes; Heavy Duty Package, Luxury Package, Cold Climate Package, Tow Package, Rear Seat and Climate Package, SIRIUS Radio Package, Roof Cross Bars, Activity Connectivity Module, Logic 7 Stereo, Entertainment System, Reverse Camera Setup, Steel Bumpers, Tire Carriers, Power Inverter, Winch, Skids, RS Sliders, Lifted, Dual Batteries, Air Compressor, Barrier Cage, Rubber Floor Mats, EAS Manual Inflate System, etc., etc., and also etc.; also a clean Carfax report.

Super well maintained, tons of new parts, and comes with a whole lot of spares, accessories, parts, excellent maintenance and is very clean. For details on all things please see the attached file, which includes prices and descriptions, and go to browse - JZ-is-Fishing for a complete set of Photos and folders of photos.

PRICE: $22,000

Known Problems: Absolutely None...

Contact me at [email protected]
Note: Also selling my recovery gear, see Description PDF and SmugMug site for photos and or details.
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Price Drop

Just Updates.

Price drop to $23,500

NOTE Additional work carried out:
I have just painted the whole frame/undercarriage and skids top and bottom, with rust preventative treatment, someone was concerned that LRs get rust, anyway the only rust there was, was light; basically from scratches before the skids went on or from where the skids mount to the frame. I wire brushed it, Rustoleumed it with kill rust (and or added a rust inhibitor which kills rust and prevents rust), plus I have also added a heavy duty rubberized truck bed liner Rustoleum spray-product to protect the frame from abrasion where the skids mount, as well as regular Rustoleum top-coat paint.

Also painted the front skid, so nice and shiny now, lots of layers and clear coat too, no more scratches.
Painted the fairlead Satin Black also with clear coat and also painted the Gunnebo Hook with Enamel and clear coats too.

New Battery went in, 790 CCA with 140 minutes reserve time, the Odyssey Battery was just wearing out.

Re-Installing Reverse camera, as the part arrives 2nd week of October, so that’ll be operational also.

She’s looking good. Will have new photos uploaded after this weekend on the website listed above, and perhaps I can get some small enough to list in the forums too. Attached updated Description Doc.

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Ok finally posted the new pics browse - JZ-is-Fishing

Very clean underside, newly painted skids, winch hook, fairlead, lots of detailing she really is in great shape. reverse camera now working great, with fulltime switch plus video on the move. Never been cleaner...
Dropping Price...


Several interested parties, just under this asking price... get it before its gone. You'll be sorry when you see this on the trails...

I've had several ask how much it's been wheeled. The answer is not that much really. My wife gets scared wheeling and I have little kids, so what time I have for holiday is usually not spent solo, plus no wheeling here in Florida. I've had it out in Arizona, once during the Expo, wheeled it on two days there, plus done some trips to Hollister Park in Cal, when living there. Other than that it’s really just going to the campground. Other than that not much wheeling. It was a daily driver for me for me in Cal, but since I've been in Florida I have a Beemer which is better in the commute.

I have had questions about the gas mileage with all the extra weight, honestly its not much worse than stock, perhaps a mile less on hwy and maybe 2 miles less in short city drives. The Front Bumper weighs in less than the ARB Bumper, its lower profile also. I have used a lighter winch also. The skids don't add that much weight. The Sliders are about the heaviest bit. As far as gas mileage goes I think that the wheels are the biggest culprit.

I have been asked about rust. The rig is really rust free. I bet if you look under another rig it will be much worse. Sure the stainless steel exhaust is 9 years old but it’s not rusting out, nothing is. My bad for putting up pics of scratched skids but they have all been taken care of. To let you know I have sanded and or wire brushed them back, and then coated them with either Krud Killer or Permatex to kill any rust and create a non-rustable surface. Then painted with Rustoleum Rust Kill, couple coats (2-4). Then I gave a few more coats with Rustoleum Satin Black paint, then a few coats of clear coat by Rustoleum - they are not going to rust for a long time, for sure. Between that and the same treatment to the frame, where the skids rubbed off some paint, it’s in great shape. In addition to the treatment mentioned on the skids, I used truck bed liner paint on the frame so that it is even tougher, no clear coat though. That bed liner stuff is great. I also used a bead of silicone under the sliders, between the frame and slider, to prevent and rubbing which happens as they slide over rocks. Lastly on the slider near the air compressor I used a rubberized spray to deaden sound when the compressor runs, it’s quieter than stock now. Used new bolts, washers etc where required and treated anything that looked like it might rust eventually. Took me a few weeks fulltime and cost a small fortune really but it looks great and I know its going to last a lot of years. There wasn't a rust issue anyway, but I like seeing it so clean.

Obviously I painted the Guneebo Hook also and the fairlead if you have seen the photos. Fixed up the reverse camera, had to wait on the cable from china. It all works great and I did a good job, not a job like someone who wants to sell a car and doesn't care about the buyer.

I'm hoping that in the next few weeks things break for me and I won't have to sell, but until that happens its still on the market. I'd sell the Beemer any day over this rig, but I owe too much on it and I'll end up out of pocket. So if you like the rig, call me and I'll be straight with ya.

Also note I'm not going anywhere and after you get it, I'll be there to coach you through everything, you know I'm a detailed guy and love the rig - want you to enjoy owning it too.

FYI, it cost me $900 to ship it 1 way from San Francisco to Miami, just so you have an idea. Also know you won't have to put anything into it when you get it, next service is not due for like 7,000 miles.

Cheers guys...
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I want this.

Price just went down to $18,500
Where are the pics? and do you still have it? Location?
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