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Hello all,

Been working on an 07 LR3 SE7 that was in an accident (right front damage).
Bought as a project vehicle.

I cannot get it to start!!

The instrument cluster display reads:
Transmission Fault/limited gears available
Engine system fault
System fault special program not available
Park brake fault
If I unplug both connectors (C0634 and C0635) from the ECU, the instrument cluster display gives the same reading as above.
After hours of trouble shooting, it seems like the ECU is not responding.

Connected a Snap-on modis to the OBDII and could communicate with the transmison and body control ECU, but NOTHING with the engine control.

Have power and ground at the connector of the ECU.

Can I purchase a used ECU from a junkyard, replace mine and not have it reprogrammed?

Or should I send the ECU to one of these repair places? They claim the ability to test it stand alone and determine if it is functioning properly or not.

I’m not really certain what to do next, any experienced suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

Best regards,

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