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I have ano 07 LR3 with V8 engine I bought last year with 75,000 miles on it. Has been great car thus far but lately have been getting P0513 code when scanning with 4DCAN scanner. No starting issues, remote locks aND unlocks though you do have to be pretty close (a few feet) to car to get it to work. Occasionally the alarm will go off after remote unlocking maybe twice a month. No warning lights aND I have searched multiple forums for an answer.

513 code will not clear with scanner. Last night scanned again and had 513 plus a U0132 and 2 other U codes involving communications, one with tire pressure monitor that is working properly. I am debating perhaps a weak vehicle battery. No idea how old battery is but have frind who works for Deka and could get me a blemish battery for $60. If that isn't it I wonder about battery of key fob. Only came with one key. Or, possible corrosion of green/white wires on passenger door sill?
Just wondering since I have multiple communication errors with no warning lights if maybe weak vehicle battery could cause immobilizer error too. Had a P210 throttle actuator A error but it cleared out. Again, no drive problems at all.

Any suggestions on best way to proceed. Immobilizer error is main concern in case it is indicative of a problem that will get worse.

Thanks in advance,

Robert Rike
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