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Selling my 2007 Black Range Rover Sport! This is a great SUV and i plan to buy another one down the road... reason for selling car is money is tight and don't have many other options im afraid.
This car drives great, gear's are completely smooth, no vibrations or noises. It has a V8 motor, has good power for powering through the snow or any kind of conditions you face.

I bought this car because i live in a rural area that can have quite abit of snow on the ground, my driveway is 600' long gravel that isn't always plowed but i never had any problems in the rover, its honestly really good and I am going to get another one when i get my finances sorted out.

Mileage on this car is not high, not super low either I bought it myself around 72,000 km and have put a few km on it myself, it has a ton of life in it.

I recently had the breaks done, everything was replaced in the front, aswell as all the bearings were redone front and back which is a big job, cost me about 3,000$, thats one thing you dont have to worry about! breaks work amazing now.

The range rover at the moment has on winter rims and winter tires, the rims arn't actual specificaly for winter, they are semi-cheap pair of rims that would fit the winter tires i got, they look ok, they are abit stained from the road but you can't tell unless your close up, as you can tell from the photo's they dont look that bad.

There is an extra set of very nice black range rover rims, they are likely replica rims but im not 100% sure, they look really good and have the tire pressure sensor hookup in them just like factory land rover rims have. There is low-profile tires on them, 3 of them are good but the fourth is
punctured or has a leak of somesort, it happened before last winter so i had just gotten the winter rims/tires and not gotten a replacement for the low profile tires.

Car has Navigation package in it, GPS works great and is much safer then using your phone in your hand while your driving, sound system is good just like you would expect from land rover. Interior looks good, there is some wear like any car that's 5+ years old, around the console area, around the edges.. but mostly not noticeable unless you look close up.
Leather is in good condition, after having the car detailed it was clear that the leather is still in great shape, there is a small tear on the side of the driver's seat.

Paint is in half decent condition, there are some scratches here and there, when filled in with touchup paint they arn't noticeable, there are no dings or dents at all so that's all good.

Car is located near Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

You can email me at [email protected]

there are pictures at:
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