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2008 LR3 28k Miles

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Hi everyone,

It's time to sell my Land Rover LR3. I purchased the vehicle back in January of this year, and at the time of acquisition my father and I called it "The Unicorn" because it was impossible to find another LR3 with such low miles (about 18,000 miles and still on the original OEM set of Goodyears). It's the third Land Rover that I've personally owned (I'm only 23) and have put 10,000 miles on it in the past 10 months without fault.

Here are the basics on the vehicle:

-Mileage: 29,000 (Actually 27k and change but it's also my daily)
-Year: 2008
-Exterior Color: Stornoway Grey
-Interior Color: Black
-Location: Miami, FL
-Price: Asking $21,000 OBO (I'm open to reasonable offers. Just don't insult me with a number more akin to what a 100+k mile truck goes for.)

The Good:
-Probably the lowest mileage LR3 in the country.
-Extensive service history (I used to work at the local LR dealership. Carfax and service history available on request)
-2 Owner vehicle. First owners were an elderly couple that left the vehicle down in Miami at their vacation home and traded it in for a new Range joke.
-Proud Rhino Lift rods (I still have the original height sensors if you wish to revert to original spec.)
-Front and Rear light guards (Because why not?). They are also easily removable since they did not require drilling.

The Bad:
-As with the majority of LR3's and RR Sports of this generation, there's a crack on the dash over the passenger side airbag.
-Coin-sized ding under the passenger side indicator.
-The vehicle does have Land Rover Accessories rubber mats, but unfortunately the original carpet mats didn't come with the vehicle.

Feel free to ask any questions on here or shoot me a PM. These photos are simple placeholders until I get the time to take more either tonight or tomorrow morning. Feel free to request photos of any particular area on the vehicle.



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what packages does this include? cold weather? Guessing you would have called it out but any chance it includes the HD package?
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