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If you set a "temperature high" fault and the transmission is clearly cold, then the temp sensor is likely faulty. The unfortunate thing, is the temp sensor is built into the TCM, which is part of the valve body (aka Mechatronics).

This "can" be a DIY fix if:
1) purchase the Mechatronics from ZF Parts Eriksson Industries This will be a genuine remanufactured ZF item, and will come pre-programmed based on your VIN, which makes it "plug & play".

2) Removing the transmission pan on these is a pain. It involves loosening motor mounts, jacking up on motor and removing exhaust. I have found on LR3 and RRS, it is easier to purchase a BMW X5 metal pan, gasket, bolts and filter and just breaking the old pan and filter off.

The Mechatronics is bolted in with about 10 Torx bolts. The unit will come with a new seal to the case, I suggest you use it. I also recommend using Lifeguard6 fluid.
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