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200TDi Timing belt DIY replacement

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I'm planning to replace timing belt on my 1992 D90 200TDi by myself. I got factory and Haynes manual, but I would like to know how difficult the job really is. Are the special tools really required or can it be done without them? Are there any other parts except the belt that have to be replaced, like gaskets, seals, tensioners.. etc? The engine has 230000 km on the clock, I have no records of previous maintenance so I'm replacing the belt as a precaution.
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The crank timing tool LRT-12-044 isn't absolutely necessary,when you have the front cover off,use a mirror and look just above the crank gear and you will see an arrow cast into the housing.This arrow should line up with the woodruff key if the timing is right.
Elips said:
Well, I was hoping I'll get away without special tools... has anyone tried to fabricate special tool LRT-12-044 out of the wading plug by drilling the hole through the center? That's the thingy that blocks flywheel in reqired position while changing the belt...
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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