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2011/12 Range Rover Sport Purchase Question

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I am closing to making decision on new vehicle to replace my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 195k miles, been great. Options are down to

* New Grand Cherokee (however don't prefer getting same vehicle again)
* New E350 (love it but we have 2012 BMW 5 series so don't really need another sedan)
* 2011 or 2012 pre-certified LR Sport with less than 30k miles. (has 6 yr 100,000 warranty from install date)

Of the three above the LR meets all my needs and is something I always wanted.

My concern is reliability, are the new Sport Range Rovers getting better on repairs and problems than previous models. I read a lot of negative comments due to things breaking too often and outrageous repair bills.

I know previous RR's were notoriously prone to failure and "quirks" but are things getting better? I really want the LR but don't want to be sitting desides road in $50k+ vehicle.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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