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So, the oil change is pretty straight forward on these but I have a question about the Vacuum method.

What I have been doing:
  1. raise the Vehicle to off Road height setting
  2. remove the forward skid plate (5 - 10mm bolts)
  3. loosen the oil cap
  4. remove oil drain plug (13mm)
  5. while oil is draining, loosen filter cap (90mm)
  6. remove and replace filter element (applying new oil to all o-rings) tighten filter cap
  7. replace crush washer and tighten oil drain plug.
  8. fill with 8.5 qt (US) new oil (5w-30) Range Rover recommends Castor Oil, you guys debate that among yourselves.
  9. Start the engine let run for 10 min / turn off engine and let sit for 10 min
  10. check onscreen oil service level.
  11. check for leaks
  12. install skid plate.
  13. have a beer
Inside the oil fill tube there is a smaller tube for vacuum extraction. Since there is no dip stick, if you want to use an extractor you must use this tube.

Does anyone know the part number or fittings required to use this?
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