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Hi, Sorry, new to the forum and hoping someone can shed some light on the situation.

I brought the truck to the dealer this morning due to low coolant warning and the smell of burning antifreeze.
They said the water pump bearings are wearing and it's leaking slightly. They will replace under warranty. Here's the kick.
They said there is also a hose leaking, and require that the top of the motor be removed along with the supercharger in order to get to the hoses.
The hoses are about $600 and the total cost including labor $2,200

They sent me a video of what looks like a coolant pipe that goes directly into the block behind the water heater and under the manifold. It does not have any means of securing it to the block. I looks like it's just stuck into the block maybe with an o ring or pressure fitting. Is this possible?

I think I'm getting hosed. No pun intended.

Are there hoses that require the entire top of the motor to be removed? Seems a bit extreme.

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