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Hi all, new member. Happy to be here.

Bought a new Landmark last month and am slowly kitting it out.

So far have a rack and so the Land Rover full size silver rails are for sale.

Compomotives on the way from UK, so diamond turned 20" Landmark wheels for sale (soon) w/tires that have 2500 miles on them. One wheel hurt off roading & repaired. Bet you wouldn't know which if I didn't tell you... They look great.

Not looking to get rich, thinking local pick up in SoCal for half of new price....

Full silver rails look like $800 online, so $400 takes them.

Wheels and tires (I'm guessing) would be about $2k new. So offering for $1,000 once my wheels/tires get here. By end of Oct I bet.

In Orange County. Will post picks shortly.
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