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To who it may concern,

I leased a 2017 Land Rover Evoque out of your Cherry Hill, New Jersey dealership two years ago. Through the last two years, the car has been in the shop numerous amount of times for defective electrical problems starting at two months into the lease. Everytime the car has been taken in for service, they say they fixed the problem and a month later, same issues. This is unacceptable.

Due to the lake of professionalism and their inability to fix multiply problems, have taken legal action against Land Rover North America.

All I asked for, under two different claims, was to get out of the lease due to the car malfunctions but no one in your company wanted to help and do the right thing. The last time the car was in the shop was two weeks ago. Nothing was said to me about anything being wrong, any work needed, and problems. I received the car back two weeks ago, no indicating lights that anything in the vehicle was wrong.

This past weekend a life threatening event happened. My wife while driving 65 on a major high way in the snow, and the car completely shut off. Luckily she was able to get to the side of the road where there was just enough room to pull over. As trucks flew by two feet away from the car, shaking the whole vehicle, she called me scared and crying. Once again no indicating light, no service lights, no engine lights, no temperature lights.
Nothing just shut off.

Land Rover has now put a life in danger because of their product with no regards to human life. Time after time I have asked to get out of this contract that should have been void a year ago. Actions from your company need to be taken today. I will be taking this story and promoting how awful and deliberately dangerous your company is to blogs, social media, and the news. I am hoping that someone in your company cares enough about people lives to break us away from a machine you created that could have killed a human being because of non other than the lack of respect you have for your clients lives.

Rick Fougeray
[email protected]
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