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So I have this set of 5 BFG KM2's. They are 33 in. monsters and I love them, but since I go to school in Colorado I often end up crashing into snow banks on the way in and out of the mountains. So I have downsized to a better snow tire. I was thinking about keeping the mud tires at home, but they take up too much space. So, this is just a feeler, anyone out there interested in a set of 5 KM2's on 16 in. steelies. They have very little road mileage and only a few scrapes from a few off road trips. Ill post pictures if y'all want them. Also if you just want the tires or just the wheels I could separate them easily and happily. Also as you all know local would be the best to avoid shipping, but I'm easy.

Thanks for reading. Relay this message to any looking for cheap tires since I am now flat broke and will accept any fair offer. haha.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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