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$2k budget for LWB preventative maintenance: what should I do?

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Hi all, I've got a budget of about $2,000 after selling my previous car which I'd like to use to start looking at preventative maintenance on my new '95 LWB. I've heard that shortcomings of the 4.2 can be ignition and cam, please let me know of any obvious upgrades that are worth doing while I've got the cash.

As far as I know, the vehicle is 100% stock on a 4.2 that was rebuilt about 20k ago. Only mod is swap from air suspension to coils.

What can I do to make this vehicle more reliable?


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Thanks for the replies guys.

My priorities are, in order:
1) make the vehicle as reliable as I can afford to, right now
2) make it a bit more reliable, and then, maybe
3) get rid of the loose steering feel
4) make it handle a little better on-road without sacrificing a lot of off-road ability
5) clean her up real good

I'm new to Range Rovers but been wanting one for years. Previously I've worked on Hondas, Subarus, Mitsubishis and Audis. I'm not a master mechanic by any stretch, but I'm usually just happy to try new things, get my hands dirty and learn. I definitely prefer to do all work myself except where I don't have expensive tools, like a motor crane etc

So far I've just been addressing a couple easy things: cleaning the leather, testing everything to see whats working and what's not, fitting running boards (last night), cleaning her up a bit. I've ordered several parts to fit:

1) OEM "Little Passengers" 3rd row seat
2) replacement sun visors (mine are saggy)
3) rear ashtray (missing)
4) Parrot RKi4800 stereo (got a great deal, just want good Bluetooth)
5) Truck-Lite 7" LED headlights
6) OEM cup holder set (hate that stupid cup holder tray)
7) rear tailgate handle trim (missing)

Things I'm thinking about doing or need to do:
1) get windows re tinted
2) fix/replace windshield crack
3) thinking about getting some wheel adapters to upgrade to newer, slightly larger RR wheels
4) bring it into my mechanic to do a once-over of the engine, tranny & suspension

I'll keep updating as I go. I know fitting the new stereo is going to be an adventure, and the 3rd row seat will require some heavy lifting and drilling. Will get some pics going. Need to be better at that.

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