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3 Amigos, P1590, loss of braking

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I have a 2004 D2 that has 137,000 miles, new brake pads and rotors, had brake fluid change at 80,000 miles with synthetic and the car just started the following;

Very cold night the other night and the left front brake made a strange sound like it locked and then released. A day later in the same 20 degree weather the 3 Amigos came on during a slow right hand turn. It appears the left caliper is not grabbing much and you do feel the right over compensating. At the same time while at a stop the pedal slowly slides to the floor if you want to stay stopped. All pads and rotors look good except for the left front which looks like it is getting very little pressure.

My assumption is (1) a master cylinder failure and (2) possibly left front caliper failure but would like to know if anyone has any other ideas.

Thanks! T
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Update: left front caliper needs a rebuild after taking it apart. But a new problem has been found. It appears the left axle seal has gone bad and may have been the sound I heard when the problem first appeared. There is a lot if play and the rotor has started to wear against the caliper carrier.

Now I'm really hopefully I can get some advice on the axel situation.

Been checking everything for about an hour and no leaks around the axle seal but all the play seems to be in the hub. What I define as play is you can grab the lug nut studs and lift and lower the hub which in turn moves the axle shaft and seal in the opposite direction.

Caliper is all cleaned out and actually looks ok now that it is clean. Given the brake pedal play prior to the loss of braking and one stuck caliper piston the master cylinder will get replaced.

Just need the advice on the axle/hub situation.
Fixed -almost

Turns out the hub was bad. Master cylinder was bad. But after both fixes the newly found pressure in the brakes blew out the back left brake line. Nice mess of fluid on the garage floor.

Anyone know which size brake line/pipe it is? 3/16"? The fitting at either end to the joint with the flexible? Looking to save some time and get the parts first before I change it.

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