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300tdi cutting out

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As one of my jobs is a custodian for the National Trust I get to drive a 12 seat Station Wagon as a company car. The engine has recently started cutting out for no reason that I can find. It feels as though the fuel cut off solenoid was causing it but the connections appear to be sound after a few seconds or minutes the engine will restart, it will then run for a few seconds or more than an hour. Has anyone else had this problem. Our local garage had the vehicle for a week and found no fault. Yours hopefully Coggie

Thank you for your help, I checked the solenoid and it was OK, So I put a meter on the supply and vibration tested the wires (waggled) and I found I could make it happen when the wires were waggled next to the ECU, I eventually found that the wires where they were crimped were corroded I sprayed them with switch cleaner and then soldered each one. So far the problem has not recured
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