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Hey all, first time poster here.

I'm looking at buying a disco series 1 and have found a good looking 95 auto in my budget (including leaving me some coin to get some lockers and a few other mods).

However I have heard that the ZF auto gearbox is prone to over heating and having issues when you push them off road.
I'm driving from Perth to Queensland in a couple of months to do the old telegraph track and some other fairly hectic 4WD tracks and because it will be pushed through its paces a bit (water crossings, mud, sand etc) I wanted to know if any of you have/had a 300Tdi with a ZF auto box and if you had any issues with it off-road??

If so, I am considering the option of an auto to manual conversion, but would rather avoid the cost and time needed to do so if possible.

Thanks heaps in advance!

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