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Hi all,

My D2 finally raised its white flag. It is @ 150K miles and is 15 years old. About 80K miles ago, I replaced the cooling system, rebuilt the front engine cover, and replaced the oil pan gasket..

I think I have a block issue. It will overheat when I start giving some load on the street. It won't over heat on my driveway as long as if I keep the speed below 10 mph. It overheats when I start driving above 20mph and boils the coolants out.

Thought it was bad cooling system so I replaced: the hoses, coolant bottle, cap, water pump, radiator. Still does it. Yes I burped the system.

I had a few misfire code from Cyl 4.

I saw this issue coming so I am prepared for the bill.

I have been told that by a local shop that he will drop in a Turner 4.6L with all the upgrades for $10K with 3 year warranty on the engine and 1 year labor.

What do you guys think of that price? How do you know if you are getting 4.6L engine? I trust no mechanics. I need a way to confirm that I am getting 4.6L if I am paying for it.

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