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Have any of you folks dealt with this conversion? Top end rebuilt with the Crower 229 and I can't seem to get the timing right (i think). It seems to be running a little too hot for my liking and would love to get it under control a bit. New timing chain, gears, cap & rotor, wires, heads machined, injectors gone through by a local injector spot, temp sensor, O2's, radiator, water pump, thermostat, pressure cap yet the heat is still a bit unruly. The gauge inside is showing normal, and the infrared thermal gauge shows 210 at the thermostat housing. The plugs are also showing that i'm running rich so I figure it might be a timing issue an efi issue with the cam. I basically would like to know how advanced others are running their 229 or equivalent in a 4.2, or what issues others have had running this particular cam in their 4.2. I also thought I might try replacing my 3.9 ecu for a 4.2 to see if that might make any difference... I don't know.

Thanks in advance for any input!
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