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my 1996 4.6 hse original 22.000 km had a problem with both front door locks (both replaced by landrover). the locking works fine now, but:
everytime key 1 or key 2 beeing put in the ignition from the back of the car noice clack-clack-clack comes....
batteries of the remote new. keys synchronised. battery of the car well loaded. fuses all diagnosis of the car doesnt find the problem.
landrover dealer has no idea actually what it might be.
what is it?
is the ignition modul where the key goes in mad? had rotten ignition modul many years at my lancia thema ferrari 8.32 which was caused by wrong fuse at that time fixed by lancia factory...
could the ignition modul have some deffect slowing going on and therefore interfering with the electronics of the car?
best regards. sebastian with greetings from the swiss alps. :wave:
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