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I,ve brought a Land Rover 4.6 GEMS engine (Black square top) which it was imported from Japan, to be installed in a 110 Defender.

on the floor the engine starts Ok connecting the 4 ground and 2 +ve power.

after fixing the engine to the car ... it dose not start at all (no Spark). the fuel pump relay and main supply power relays works fine as it should be triggered form ECU.

OBD Connection on the tester show no connection with ECU using land rover specific scan. on general OBD 1.44 it could read.

the number on the EPROM inside ECU is 9608 (Tune Number).

1) What you think is the problem ?
2) Can I remove the security immobilizer?
3) how much it will cost?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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